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I'm a description
I'm a description
I'm a description


Let us help you celebrate your happily ever after


It's Time to Say "I Do"

Rosalie's of Sedona knows that your wedding day is something special - it's a day that you will remember and celebrate for the rest of your life!

We believe that your wedding deserves the best, which is why our highly trained event management team works endlessly to make sure that your dream becomes a reality.


We work with you to create your perfect event by:

  • Acquiring all appropriate rental equipment specific to your venue

  • Designing a menu that fits your taste and will delight your guests

  • Providing you with a detailed contract that spells out set up details and menu service

  • Setting up, servicing and striking your event in an efficient, professional manner


             We bring your vision to life.

A special thanks to Sedona Bride Photographers for providing us with some beautiful shots for our site!

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